June 04, 2016

No workout.

Late breakfast – egg mayo sandwich. 

Lunch – seafood udon. 

Pre-dinner – peach fruit salad (peach, green apple, red apple, cranberry, almond bits)

Dinner – rice and ayam goreng kunyit (turmeric-fried chicken bits). Edamame croquet and French custard donut. 

Before sleep – ACV and honey in warm water. 

It’s weekend so I tend to eat a lot. 😜

June 3, 2016

No workout. 

Breakfast – Apple &  5 high fiber crackers. 

Snack – little pau goreng kacang merah and donut. 

Lunch- half rice with sayur ubi masak lemak with sambal ikan bilis petai and sambal belacan

Dinner – 4 slices of hailam bread with sup kambing

Drink – lemon water and plain waiter

Before sleep – ACV with honey in warm water. 

June 2, 2016

Fasting day – no workout

Sahoor – 2 pieces roti butter kaya 

Break fast: 

• Half Parmesan with chicken ham pretzel.

• Chicken teriyaki with rice, soup and tea latte. 

Before sleep: Apple cider vinegar and honey with warm water. 

June 1, 2016

Workout: Denise Austin total body Pilates challenge https://youtu.be/8GurTMB_4bc

Post workout: watermelon & water

Breakfast: toast with cheese, bits of sausages and chili powder

Lunch: Lebanese rice, stir fry veggie and paru sambal

Snack: watermelon and apple

Dinner: kangkung sambal belacan with bits of chicken, tomyam

Drink: chatime milk tea

Before sleep: Apple cider vinegar with honey mixed with warm water

Fashion Harness

Fashion harness or leather harness is a fashion accessory that gives the outfit that edgy look and gives the sexy bondage vibe without looking like a fan of BDSM. They came in different designs either buckled or studded, worn underneath or over any outfit. Somehow this tough-talking accessory really caught my attention and been dying to try it one day.

This leather harness trend has been around 3 years ago in 2011 but somehow it never manages to hit our shore. Probably because the BDSM look and vibe it gives made some people say no to even try on this trend. It was first shown on the runway in the Spring 2010 Comme des Garçons collection.


Zana Bayne, a New York based leatherworker started her hand-crafted leather harness collection in 2010 and since then had been dressing celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga (in her music video “You and I”), Lorde (in her music video “Team”) and Chloë Sevigny.



Chloë Sevigny shot by Terry Richardson.

Bayne had team up with Prabal Gurung for five seasons now.

ImagePrabal Gurung Fall Winter 2013

So, how do you pull of this trend?

You can style it over a white shirt:


Put on with a blazer and wear it under for that tomboy look:


Take a cue from the boys and pair it over a black t-shirt:


Or over a flowy tops or dresses:



Another option is wear it as a part of lingerie:

tumblr_mloch5SCOj1sol2u4o1_500 tumblr_mnmsb7bzhv1s65nlxo1_500









Velvet Harness Corset in Oxblood, TopShop.

My personal favorites on the runway:

ImageAlexander McQueen

ImageJason Wu

I will soon buy this accessory and try it on myself. Looking at all these pictures really  inspired me. Definitely, will post wearing one.

Until then,

Anne Les Fleur

Happy New Year 2014.

I am writing this in the comfort of my own rented room, not going to the city to watch the fireworks or with someone for new year’s eve. Instead I spent some time alone thinking to write a new post on my new blog.


I will tell you a bit about my 2013. It’s been a year since my big move from the west coast to the city. I kept a better job, rekindled with old friends, and keeping in touch with my family frequently now. Sure there are ups and downs and safe to say that I treasured and valued every moment that was this year.

I am thankful that I can live another day to witness another year passed by and to have the opportunity to learn and be more mature and wiser. Most of all, I am thankful for the company that I have and all the things that life had given me.


As cliche as it sounds, we all somehow are obliged to have resolutions for the new year. Because it is a new year and you want to start fresh or should I call it as a “new book”. You have given the chance to start over or re-write the way you want it to be and resolutions are guidelines for you to write your book the way you wanted it to be. You have the power and the decisions on what you will write down. Being said that, as much as you do not need a new year to have resolutions, well I guess I am that kind of people who still want to have that guidelines in her life for me to make this new year an interesting or colorful one.

My resolutions this year are not much, as I like to keep it simple while to stay focus on them. Some of the resolutions are the ones I am still keeping from last year. Last year are the year for me to settle down at this new place, new job, new situations so some of them are not yet fulfilled and this year is the time where I picked where I left from.

Image I hope for:

a) a healthier me: in terms of eating habits and physical wellness;

b) better sense of style: take more effort in dressing and appearance;

c) establish my blog: I made a commitment that this blog will be my stepping stone;

d) sew clothes: I will make my own dress, mark my words or so help me;

e) practice figure drawings; my heart throbs on drawing illustrations and I need to start it already.

And of course, little things like more love, more laughs, more photos, more art will be infused in my every day’s agenda. I will start on at least to finish a book this year since I’m having my own blog right now so I need to practice more on my writing, grammar, punctuations and whatnot. So read more is definitely is a must do. (My short-attention span side of me will not be grateful to hear this). Lastly, to stop procrastinate and being lazy. Breaking the habit is tough but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Oh until then, wishing my readers a happy new year and wishes you all the best to come next year. Here’s to us!


Anne Les Fleur

Gil Elvgren 2014 Pin-Ups Calendar

2013 is coming to an end. What better way than posting something about the new year. I always have a soft spot for calendars. Even though I have my iPhone to check on the dates, but it is always nice to have a calendar hanging on your walls to remind you about that particular day.



Last year, I’ve bought a Pantone 2013 calendar.

ImageThis year, I made my purchase early and saw a calendar that I always wanted and without any hesitation, went straight to the cashier.

I purchased this at the same place I bought my Pantone calendar at Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC.


I’ve always loved Gil Elvgren’s illustrations of pin up girls. Some pin ups illustrators draw the girls too racy for my liking. He truly captured the essence of the pin up girls that I always loved where the girls just have the right amount of sexiness and cheekiness.


Since all the holidays on this calendar are based on the international holidays, I made my own remarks on the local 2014 public holidays.


And of course, I made it personalized by penning down the important dates.

I can’t wait to hang it up and it will work as the art on the wall as it is a calendar.

** For those who are interested in buying the calendar, you can click here.